Haining Hongfeng intelligent Co., Ltd. for customers to provide intelligent solutions, the computer field has been engaged in senior technical team for many years.Adhering to the tenet of "high technology, high quality and excellent service", the company has been widely serving the home appliance industry, automobile electronics, communication industry, medical treatment and other fields.

In order to provide the society with more high-quality Internet of Things technology, products and services, and promote industrial development, the company, with the development concept of openness, cooperation and sharing, extensively carries out international and domestic enterprise cooperation, and operates independently with market mechanism, striving to become a leading enterprise of Internet of Things and medical equipment based on the whole country and serving the whole world.



Set development, manufacturing, sales and services in one of the professional medical equipment, intelligent research and development enterprises


The company is committed to the field of precision automation equipment, for customers to achieve higher value.


Self-developed management system

After-sales Service

While improving the quality of products, our company constantly improve, improve and constantly improve the after-sales service system.


The company has a group of energetic, innovative, professional technical team for many years.


Flexible intelligent production control system

On the basis of the Internet of Things, the flexible intelligent production control system equipment, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, is tailor-made for the flexible production line of discrete manufacturing industry with "precise plan + controllable process + on-site...


With management as the main line, to achieve technology, production, inventory, management, procurement and other comprehensive information integration and production preparation collaboration, to achieve management transparency...

Smart factory solutions

Fully drawing on advanced concepts at home and abroad and closely combining with the actual situation of hundreds of enterprises, the company tailor-made "equipment automation + management digitalization + production...


Integrating lean production, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet concepts, it covers "intelligent planning and production scheduling, intelligent production collaboration, intelligent device connectivity, intelligent capital...


Production scheduling system

Rich scheduling algorithm, graphical interface, easy to operate.



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